Feb. 7th, 2020 - Feb. 16th, 2020

Since 2012 Blue Endeavors has been taking members on expeditions all over the world. Members on our trips get to partake in all the same dive experiences as recreational divers visiting these areas, but also have an exploration, citizen science or ocean conservation mission. If you are interested in joining an expedition and not yet a member please contact us to learn more.

This trip is currently full, but we are working on opening up more space. Please email us at to be added to the wait list.



Bonaire is located just north of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean. This Dutch Caribbean island has protected its marine resources for more than 35 years. Because of this, marine life abounds with more than 470 fish species found in Bonaire’s waters. Famed as one of the best Caribbean dive destinations, Bonaire hosts amazing coral reefs and long forgotten shipwrecks. Underwater photography is a favorite activity due to Bonaire’s incredibly clear water and unspoiled ecosystem. Established as a marine park in 1979, Bonaire National Marine Park is now a hotspot for Caribbean biodiversity and a great destination for divers.

Vince says the turtles are very friendly in Bonaire

PROJECT: Coral Reef Restoration

For the past few years Blue Endeavors has been taking students to Bonaire to participate hands on in a project to grow the coral reef system in Bonaire. You will be trained and certified in this process.

Corals can grow and reproduce both sexually, through spawning, and asexually, through a process called "fragmentation". If conditions are favorable, and a branch breaks away and falls onto the reef, it can reattach and begin to grow a new colony.

Coral Reef Restoration project has developed a way of exploiting this natural process of fragmentation to allow us to efficiently propagate, or "farm",  huge numbers of corals. 

They fragment coral colonies into smaller, finger-sized pieces. These smaller fragments are then hung on Coral Trees™ - a simple PVC  design that we developed, that allows us to grow huge numbers of coral fragments in large, offshore nurseries.

Suspended in the nutrient-and-sunlight-rich water column, the fragments of corals on our Coral Trees grow into colonies that are large enough to be outplanted to the reef in just six to nine months.




We at Blue Endeavors have been visiting the island with the amazing staff at Buddy’s Dive Resort for the past few years.

What is included on this trip:

  • Dive/Expedition Leaders from Blue Endeavors

  • Coral Reef Restoration Training and Certification

  • 8 Days/7 Nights in a fully equipped apartment (Price is based on double occupancy to a room. Many options available, some which may increase the price)

  • 7 Day rental vehicle

  • 6 days of unlimited nitrox fills

  • 6 boat dives and unlimited shore diving

  • Breakfast buffet

  • Welcome drinks

  • Manager’s “Rum Punch Party”

  • Airport Transfers

  • Government taxes

  • Optional resort meal plan ($225)

Trip Cost: $1920

We will be offering specialty certifications and cool experiences like the ostracod night dive.

We have booked group airfare from SFO for the trip. The cost of the airfare is only $838 if you book by Sept. 29th, 2019. Of course you can book your own airfare, just let us know.


UA1422  08FEB NEWARK-BONAIRE 849A 230P   

UA1401  16FEB BONAIRE-HOUSTON 725A1027A   


So there are no surprises, here are some additional costs that are not included to consider:

  • Airline baggage fee

  • Marine park fee - $25

  • Buddy Resort Crew Gratuity

  • Equipment Rental

  • DAN Insurance

  • Rental car insurance

  • Room service gratuity