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DEEP DISCUSSION: Protecting the Ocean We Love — and Need with Rachael Miller, CEO of Cora Ball

  • Blue Endeavors 2219-A S Shore Center Alameda United States (map)


Protecting the Ocean We Love — and Need

with Rachael Miller

Join us for this month’s Deep Discussion with Rachael Miller, co-founder and CEO of Cora Ball! We’ll talk ocean trash, sailing, free diving+ and protecting the ocean we love (and need). Rachael will join us virtually from Vermont, where Cora Ball is based!

Learn about Rachael’s passions and her journey to creating the beautiful, coral-inspired Cora Ball. Inspired to take action and change your laundry habits? We’ll have Cora Balls for purchase!

Microfiber pollution is a well-established environmental problem. Every time you wash your favorite fleece jacket or synthetic base layer, tiny fibers dislodge from the fabric and flow down the drain, ending up in public waterways. A new laundry product called Cora Ball could help.

The grapefruit-size ball, made out of recycled plastic, is designed to be tossed into the washing machine with your clothes. Tiny arms with circular nodules at the ends trap minuscule plastic fibers that float off your clothing, catching them before they drain away with the wash water. When you transfer your clothes to the dryer, take out the Cora Ball, pick out the captured microfibers, and throw them in the trash.


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