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Reef Check California Training Course

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The Reef Check California Training course is designed to provide participants with the skills and experience to accurately complete the Reef Check California survey protocol. In addition to direct survey methods, the training program will address safe diving practices, techniques of research diving, sampling design and theory, general marine ecology including species identification and interactions, and the importance of monitoring to meet marine management needs. Trainings include a combination of class room and field sessions. Following completion of the training, all participants will have the skills necessary to successfully complete the training examination allowing them to contribute data to the statewide database and will be eligible to obtain a Reef Check California Specialty Certification (NAUI). 


  • Proof of dive certification

  • Minimum of 30 logged lifetime dives

  • Minimum of 15 logged dives in California or other temperate region with water temp below 68° F

  • Minimum of 6 dives within the last year

  • Minimum age of 16 on the first day of class

  • Completion of liability release

  • Completed reading of Reef Check California training manual

Training and research materials will be provided which include the Reef Check California training manual, indicator organism ID cards, dive slates, transect line and underwater data sheets. Participants must provide all their own dive gear including weights and tanks. In addition to standard dive gear you will need a flashlight, cutting device, and clips to attach your slate to your BC. All dive gear should be well maintained and in good working order.


  1. Comfortable swimming in and around kelp both at depth and on the surface.

  2. Able to keep track of your buddy, your air, and your no-deco time while engaged in other tasks.

  3. Able to dive in a horizontal position within a foot off the bottom while maintaining proper buoyancy.


Attendance at all sessions is required

  • Session #1: April 10th, 5:45pm — Blue Endeavors

  • Session #2: April 11th, 5:45pm — Blue Endeavors

  • Session #3: May 1st, 5:45pm — Pool

  • Session #4: May 2nd, 5:45pm — Blue Endeavors

  • Ocean day 1: May 11th at Big Creek — Big Sur

  • Ocean day 2: May 12th at Big Creek — Big Sur


There will be an additional cost of $40 to take this course. Cost will cover databoard materials you can reuse for future Reef Check surveys.


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