It's the journey of a lifetime and it all starts here! If you want to learn to scuba dive, this is the place. The fun part about this course is… well, just about all of it, because learning to dive is incredible!

You will breathe underwater for the first time (something you’ll never forget) and learn what you need to know to become a certified diver. During the course, you’ll do several pool dives and four ocean dives over 2 days at local Monterey, CA dive sites under the supervision of your Blue Endeavors instructor.

Your membership includes:

  • All of your class and pool instruction

  • Online training (Plus level only)

  • Use of all rental gear in the pool & ocean

  • Maximum of 6 students per class in the pool

  • Maximum of 4 students per instructor in the ocean

We encourage you NOT to buy equipment before your class, so you can try out our awesome selection of demo gear. Something that sets us apart: we DO NOT require you to purchase a gear package in order to take our classes. However, if you choose to, we offer a student discount, as well as free use of rental gear for your final ocean dives.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ Page for even more details about this course.