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Covid and your Blue Endeavors, a Message from the Founder

Dear customers, members, and community contributors,  

Blue Endeavors (BE) has been actively working in the field pursuing ocean conservation, exploration, and restoration since 2012. Much of our important work and services take place in publicly accessible spaces, including, but limited to, pools, beaches and educational institutions and facilities. Likewise, we are often working in teams of BE participants, work which may require close contact between team members and/or students. As community aware continues to grow, BE is taking the mission to new and exciting places all over the United States and the world. 

At BE, the safety of our participants is our primary concerns, whether diving, embarking upon an Expedition or managing efforts during a global pandemic. Any service or activity currently planned or underway is scheduled subject to any ongoing or emerging regulatory or legal limitations that may be in place, or put in place, or otherwise effective based on any relevant governing body. Scheduled services are further subject to the reasonable discretion of any BE leader given the totality of the circumstances surrounding the participants and the services. The BE leader may, at their reasonable discretion, cancel, postpone, abort, or otherwise adjust a scheduled or ongoing service, for the safety or wellbeing of the team or any one individual. 

BE services are, as a rule, are non-refundable. BE will take reasonable steps assisting you in any third-party reimbursement or rescheduling If you have deposited or paid funds towards services that are ultimately canceled or rescheduled.  

We are just as excited as you to get back into action and in the water, however we must navigate each region and location in consideration of their specific prohibitions and restrictions regarding Covid and proceed accordingly. Likewise, we must always defer to the most prudent action in any given situation with specific consideration to the health and wellbeing of everyone, especially so now, during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Thank you for your patience as we regroup and rebound our momentum during these unprecedented times. 

Vince Smith, Founder 

You can track state by state regulations here:

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