Planned Location in 2017

Be a part of the vision.  With your help we will open the first facility in the world dedicated to ocean conservation, citizen science, and community action that trains the next generation of underwater explorers and ocean advocates.

You can make a difference.



The impact of 2017 donations is both great and immediate.  Your donation will assist us to bring Blue Endeavors into a unique space in acclaimed oceanographer Sylvia Earle’s DOER Marine and expand our current educational programs.  Your donation will also help us cover costs associated with our conservation projects that seek quantifiable solutions to the environmental crisis.

Our mission at Blue Endeavors is to create a virtuous circle where charitable donations are not an essential component of our growth. We believe the path to a sustainable educational program that benefits environmental causes must be based on a sound business model and not rely on charity for its continued existence. However, we are currently in our initial phase of development, and do need your help to properly fund the expense our initial programs. We hope you realize that generosity during this time will enable our programs to reach the necessary level to be self-sustaining.

Make a Donation

Blue Endeavors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Thank you for your donation to our mission.

This video is from a former Blue Endeavors student

Spread the Word

Do you know someone interested in scuba diving?  Someone interested in ocean conservation or research?  Or citizen science?  Someone with time to donate looking to make a positive impact in the community?  Tell your friends and family about all of the exciting ways to become an ocean advocate.  You can make a huge difference by spreading the word.  Get involved today!

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