Conservation Media

Conservation Media - Deep Diving

Blue Endeavors' Conservation Media Program Consists of three pillars. All three support the Blue Endeavors mission of empowering everyone to make a positive difference in the health of the world's oceans.

Blue Endeavors' see change Video Program, trains aspiring young citizen journalists, in the art of storytelling and using digital tools to create change. Through on-site workshops and a series of fun, informative webinars, we strive to make it easy for students to grasp the fundamentals of good storytelling and apply those principles to creating positive ocean impact.

Blue Endeavors' Ocean Impact Agency is a full service creative content agency that will offer start to finish production capacity - from strategy development, to ideation, to final editiong and sound design. We'll offer our full range of content development for companies that understand the importance of lining up their ocean=friendly core values with their public perception.