Blue Endeavors Expeditions

A Blue Endeavors Expedition is not just another vacation – it's a purpose driven mission engineered to allow you to have a direct, positive, impact on our oceans. These life changing adventures put you at the front line – pick the mission that’s right for you, and don’t just dive, dive with a purpose.

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Tucked away in the Caribbean lies Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands, and one of the world's best kept secrets. Privileged by its location along the Mesoamerican Reef, this 77km-long island is known for its beautiful white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, breathtaking sunsets. Divers from all over the world come to explore the treasures buried beneath the waves. As part of our Coral Restoration Project members will be trained and certified in the growth and propagation of the coral reef system. 
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Who needs coffee when you get to wake up every morning and venture out to see Thresher sharks? These unique and majestic sharks are non-threatening to humans and often get close enough to touch. The Philippines has a huge variety of exotic critters and hosts one of the greatest concentrations of wildlife species in the world, many of which cannot be seen anywhere else. Also...did someone say lumpias?
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Silver Bank
Humpback Whale
As the fortunate few before you have experienced, this LIFE CHANGING encounter literally puts you face to face with awe inspiring humpback whales. You’ll be able to gaze into the massive eye of one of these gentle giants, while observing interactions between the moms and calves. In short order you will see that the whales are observing you too, and yes, it’s even possible to have a mother trust you enough to let you interact with her calf directly. This one’s a game changer, get ready for this once in a lifetime chance at a soulful interspecies connection.
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Giant Manta
Venture out to the remote Socorros Islands for our Giant Manta Expedition. While collecting data on these gentle giants is our project focus, they are not the only pelagic critters you can expect to see. There are multiple species of sharks, including schooling hammerheads, whales, dolphins and large schools of fish. Few places in the world can compare to what you can experience on this expedition. Socorro uniquely connects you to the ocean, its awe inspiring inhabitants and will undoubtedly invigorate you to save our seas.
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Coral Reef Restoration
This protected Marine National Park in the Caribbean is home to an unspoiled ecosystem, incredibly clear water and substantial biodiversity. Blue Endeavors has been taking high school students on this expedition for a few years, where they get real life experience with coral reef restoration. Now, members of all ages get to experience this gem in the Caribbean while making a positive difference on the health of the reef.