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Blue Endeavors provides its members training and certification options designed to bolster your conservation resume and equip you to join our forces. Whether you are seasoned scuba diver, looking to add purpose to your pastime, or an up and coming leader in our scientific community, poised to launch the innovation that will alter the course of our future, we provide Blue Endeavors specialty scientific diver certifications necessary to be successful.

We often use technical or scientific scuba diving to facilitate specialized ocean conservation education and we recognize the importance of foundational training, such as achieving an open water certification. Accordingly, we use great care in referring and working with local and regional facilities, including dive shops to support you in your early training needs.

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  • Research Diver
  • Kelp Restoration Diver
  • Reef Renewal Diver
  • Marine Megafauna Diver
  • Reef Check Eco Diver

Research Diver Main Image
Research Diver
Learn research diving techniques that universities and underwater researchers across the globe use it to advance underwater science. BE trains divers in scientific dive planning, standardized survey and research techniques, marine life identification, and the generally accepted approach to data recording. The BE Research Diver doesn't just dive, they dive with a purpose! 
Kelp Restoration Diver Main Image
Kelp Restoration Diver
BE Divers are taught scientific techniques to evaluate site specific urchin threshold density. This is the point at which an urchin barren may return to a kelp forest. Learn how to properly collect, analyze, and report data, responsibly suppress unbalanced urchin populations, and cull purple sea urchins in a way that minimizes by-catch and benthic disturbances, maximizing the opportunity for kelp forest regrowth.    
Reef Renewal Diver Main Image
Reef Renewal Diver
BE trains students and community scientists in the specialized techniques required to maintain coral nurseries, propagate new corals, and outplant corals back into the larger reef system. In this course, divers learn about coral biology and diversity, their unique environmental challenges, and gain the tools to volunteer time underwater restoring degraded reefs. The Reef Renewal Diver actually rebuilds the coral reefs we are losing.
Marine Megafauna Researcher Main Image
Marine Megafauna Researcher
Sample size is essential to the productive collection and analysis of marine megafauna data. To evaluate and protect some of the world's most majestic species, from the giant oceanic mantas to dugongs, BE trains divers in both traditional and emerging data collection, evaluation and memorialization techniques. BE citizen scientists are actually in the water doing the real work that will really save the whales! 
Reef Check Eco Diver Main Image
Reef Check Eco Diver
Eco Divers are the key volunteers who support our partners at Reef Check collect the large, regularly evaluated data sets, necessary for reef management and conservation. This course is designed to teach divers everything they need to know to conduct full-scale Reef Check surveys and collect high-quality data for a global database. The world-wide network of Eco Divers are paving the way for common understanding and united solutions.