Blue Endeavors is a nonprofit organization founded in 2012 with the aim of promoting interest in, and creating a passion for, ocean conservation and discovery.


Our Mission

Blue Endeavors uses dive and science programs to mobilize underwater explorers, students, and citizen scientists to provide quantifiable solutions to the environmental crisis.

Since 2012, we have trained hundreds of California Bay Area high school students in scientific diving; creating opportunities for them to participate in innovative, results-driven conservation projects.

Blue Endeavors curriculum is driven by a belief in the power of experiential education.  We strive to create opportunities where future leaders can explore and experience ways to live in a more sustainable society, and discover how their actions positively impact our oceans.

Beginning in 2017, we are expanding our program to offer citizen science and conservation project opportunities to all California Bay Area community members.  We will have opportunities for students as young as 8 years old to retirees looking to explore the oceans, participate in innovative projects, or simply learn practical ways to make positive impacts through conservation.

Blue Endeavors is based on action driven by education and a deep commitment to ocean conservation.  We use our website, social media, newsletter, and video series (coming soon!) to educate and mobilize the community to participate in the protection of our oceans.